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「Trusting God Without Fear」Twelfth Sunday of Ordinary Time Sunday Homily, Fr.Francis Zhang.

In our daily lives we always ask, “which way do we go”, “which country should we move to”, “which work, or course of study should we undertake” etc. we pose these questions hoping to get a response from God. Today’s responsorial psalm says, “Lord please answer me, I can do nothing without you”. The many questions we ask, seeking for direction shows that we are constantly in a spiritual dilemma. When in such dilemma, Jesus Christ tells us, “Do not be afraid, I am with you”. Jesus Christ encourages us not fear when in doubt, instead we are too carryon with our lives knowing in full confidence that he is with us. Instead of fear, we should always be confident in God’s ability to rescue us even from terror. This issue of spiritual dilemma can be found in every aspect of our lives, even in dealing with fellow family members or our children for instance, as we may be confused about the right approach to follow in dealing with them especially in difficult situations. In all that, Jesus Christ reminds us not to be afraid. All our readings today encourage us to shun fear when we are faced with difficult situations. If we believe that God’s spirit is within us, and that Christ is with us always, then we would consider situations of dilemma differently. We will begin to see them as a special gift from God, designed to allow us to interact with God in all things we do, by letting God lead us to the right choices always. When we present those difficult issues before God, especially after we receive the Holy body and blood of Jesus Christ, we should say, “My Lord, My God, which way should I go? Which work should I undertake? What kind of manners do I need to develop?” etc. When we ask these questions after receiving His body and blood, Jesus Christ will answer us thus, “Do not be afraid, just pray, just do what you ought to do”. Jesus Christ reminds us constantly that we are so valuable to God and God will never forsake us. God takes care of the Sparrow, how much more of us, whom He created in His own image with souls. So, while in a dilemma, Jesus urges us to come to Him, He will strengthen us, renew us, and refresh us and give new strength to us. So, do not be afraid when we are in dilemma. God is almighty, and whoever believes in Him and entrusts themselves in Him, will be free of fear. May God bless you all.


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